Benjamin’s books

Benjamin has been quite fond of reading. Like most three-year-olds, I suppose. It’s really interesting to see his development in that area. Firstly, he enjoyed simple books with big pictures of tractors, buses and airplanes, books where the amount of text was limited to maybe one line a page. During the past half year or so, he has been able to stay focused for longer periods of time, listening, even though we’re reading a book that has got serious amounts of text. For his standards, that is. Sometimes I suggest some alternate plot or event in the book, just to see if he’s being attentive. And he always is. He likes hearing me read things that he already knows. Kids do, my wife tells me. And I’m starting to see that it’s really so.

Soon I’m gonna start reading The Chronicles of Narnia to him, and see how he likes it. I’m hoping for an enthusiastic response, but we’ll see. I’m gonna go slowly, first just looking at the pictures and explaining the plot from a bird perspective, sweeping over the books, and then, when he gets interested, I’ll plunge him right in to the world of detail.

What do your kids read? Or, if you don’t have any kids, do you remember what you yourself liked or loved or hatd reading as a child? I would really be interested in hearing (or reading) about it.

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