Parent blog roundup

Parent blogging is popular, it would seem. BooMama visited my blog recently, and hers is a good blog to follow. Entertaining, and written from a christian perspective. Saara is a parent blogger, too, not to mention my own darling wife, Carina. And perhaps it could even be said that I am a parent blogger.

The BlogFathers is a good site, and one that brings forward the dads that blog. Most of the times, it’s the blog mamas that make their parent blogs popular, so this is a good site for a change. Ben blogs a lot of stuff, some of it about his family and kids. He’s got a good blog, a must-read. (mis)Adventures in Fatherhood is a nice blog, and RebelDad too, plus a lot of links to other daddy blogs.

There are some blog directories that have special categories for parent blogs, here are two of them:

Any other ones I forgot, or that I have missed altogether? Well of course there are, you just have to remind me of them!

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