An empowering wisdom

The Bible has a lot to say about wisdom (Deut. 4:6, Deut. 34:9, Ezra 7:25, Job 12:12, Psalms, Proverbs, etc, etc).

What do we have to say about wisdom? What is wisdom today, or what is considered to be wisdom today? A thought that struck me when watching a documentary of The Lord of the Rings is that Gandalf, who embodies he notion of wisdom, is always at the front. Guiding. Counselling. He speaks the brutal truth, and this truth which is spoken in a wise manner enables and even empowers people to do the things they must or are meant to.

What is the role of wisdom today? Are the wise ones leading the way, mentoring, counselling? Do people value wisdom or do they shun it, knowing that a revelatory wisdom will indeed reveal their weak points or give them uncomfortable advice?

Wisdom does not always feel nice. There is a scene in The Lord of the Rings, where Gandalf stirs king Théoden from his passivating and sickening lethargy. When Théoden comes to his senses but still feels a bit off, Gandalf tells him that ”your fingers would better remember their strength if they gripped the handle of your sword.” I think this could be said to the church today. If we again gripped the sword of the Lord, prayer and the Word of God, we would better remember what power there is in the humble and holy alliance between God and man. It is wise counsel, I think.

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