To murder like Raskolnikov

I have to share a good and very interesting quote with you. Selma Lagerlöf said it once, and this is what she uttered:

”I wish that I could be Raskolnikov for just one day, so that I could murder someone just to see how it feels.”

Whew, creepy. Selma Lagerlöf, that nice old storyteller lady that won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1909 for her ”spiritually insightful” works (those were the words of the Swedish Academy when they awarded her the prize). Oh my. Did she carry these dark thoughts around? Oh well, I suppose it is quite a common feature for us humans, to wish that we had the ability to do something without having to deal with the consequences.

Raskolnikov, oh yes, back to the domains of old Dostoevsky. I wonder if he would have liked to murder someone? Did he feel compelled to channel the desire into the sinister protagonist that amaze and disgust readers even this day? Maybe. Maybe not. If ever I meet a scholar on Dosto, I wil ask him, or her. Maybe he knows. Or she.

What do you think, Jake (he just finished reading the book)? What impression did you get from reading Crime and Punishment? Did you like Raskolnikov, did you long for the ethical freedom, or decay, to venture out on the same path as he did?

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