Benjamin the philosopher

Today Benjamin made one of his funniest, and most insightful (for a three-year-old), comments in a long time. We were just running out the door to day-care, I was taking on my green shoes, and suddenly this wonderful kid just stopped and said, ”Pappa. De e konstit att ge namn åt mänskor. Att kalla dom,” which in english translates to, ”Daddy. It’s strange to give names to humans. To call them [something].”

And it’s true. He’s used to giving names to his huggy bears and his cute little fabric kittens, but he has never given a name to a human. And he thought it strange. And it is, in a way. It’s a privilige solely kept for us humans. And it’s a pleasure. Those of you that have kids, know how big of a deal it is to choose a name for your beloved baby. Or several names. It’s such a special thing, and it really is strange to give names to humans. You don’t want to be rash about it, you want to pick the perfect name, one that is just right for your child. How strange it is that we attribute some kind of personality features into the names we choose (maybe more so in our minds’ eyes than in actual reality). To me, a Benjamin isn’t the same as a Tommy, and a Ronja-Liv isn’t the same as Dora or Deb.

It’s strange to give names to humans. Benjamin got it, and as a dad to two kids, having the understanding that I have of the logic of children… I get it.

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