Wireless Helsinki

To the joy of many comp.geeks, Helsinki is stepping into the wireless world of open wi-fi-networks. Helsingin Kaupungin Wlan, the Helsinki wireless internet network, is covering more ground at an as it seems pretty fast pace. Which is nice. It still works only really in the core of the city. Hopefully they’ll expand it farther out to the suburbs. I kind of doubt it, though, but it could still happen.

I don’t know what the situation is in the other European or Nordic capitals and larger cities, but I’m under the impression that even though Finland is a world leader in internet development, they’re still pretty far behind on the wi-fi-market.

Go to Café Java, Wayne’s Coffee, Esplanadi or some of the libraries of the Helsinki University if you want to access wi-fi-internet with fairly good download speeds. Those are the spots that I have found to be most accessible.

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