Family stories

I’m reading several norwegian books in the original language. They have all been published in the last six or seven years, and are written by authors like Åsne Seierstad, Hanne Örstavik and Brit Bildöen.

These authors have written some of the most appreciated and most sold books in Norway during the last decade, and the link between them all is that they deal with family issues. Soft issues, so-called at least (they can be anything but soft at worst).

Norway is one of these countries that have been struck hard by the collapse of the nuclear family and all its implications. So what does it mean that the best-selling books all deal with families, stories about secrets, dark spots in family histories? Does it mean anything? How does the postmodern mindset explain a return of interest to family structure and dynamics?

The conversation could be made very long, but do you have any first impressions? Or do you have any other recommendations of books that tell stories of families struggling (because these books I’m reading are not flattering to the family institution)?

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