The Rubáiyat of Omar Khayyám

This is the title of a small, literally speaking, poetry booklet that my wife bought for me some weeks ago. It is written by, get ready; Ghiyath al-Din Abu’l-Fath Omar ibn Ibrahim Al-Nisaburi Khayyámi. He was a persian poet, astronomer, matematician, and sceptic. Very interesting, really, he didn’t acknowledge islam as superior ideology, nor did he submit to convert by force. The only thing that the imams and other religious leaders succeeded in making him do, was to take a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Enough of the biography, here are a few lines from The Rubáiyát:

Listen again. One Evening at
the Close
of Ramazán, ere the better
Moon arose,
In that old Potter’s Shop I
stood alone
With the clay Population round
in Rows.

And, strange to tell, among
that Earthen Lot
Some could articulate, while
others not :
And suddenly one more im-
patient cried-
”Who is the Potter,pray, and
who is the Pot?”

Then said another- ”Surely
not in vain
My substance from the com-
mon Earth was ta’en ;
That He who subtly wrought
me into Shape
Should stamp me back to
common Earth again.”

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