Words and the creative power

If I curse at someone, they will probably react. If I say something nice and beautiful to someone, they will probably react. If I shout something out that provokes or blesses someone, they react.

Another way to say it is to say that my words create reactions in people.

When the Lord created the world, He spoke, and there was. He used his words. ”Let there be light” is probably my favourite quote of all time. He created light with his words. People create light by using electronics, physics, machines, electricity. There is a difference between our creative capability and the Lord’s creative capability.

But still, my words have some creative power in them. And yours. What do we create with them? Blessings? Harmony? Love? Affection? Or desillusion? Fear? Hatred? Irritation?

The effects of our words should be clearly calculated before we use them.

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