Wonderful day, and Snow

Today was wonderful.

I took the day off from my seminars at University, and went with Benjamin deep in to the northern woods of Espoo. I wore my brand new walking boots that my wife bought for me two days ago (and yeah, I could totally hear Lee Hazelhood’s and Nancy Sinatra’s These Boots Were Made For Walking in my head during the walks, hah). We met a group of really friendly international students that had a day in Nuuksio forests on the curriculum. I got to talk with West, a cool guy from Cameroon (great soccer nation), about the forests down there in the tropic latitudes. He thought the Finnish forests were sparse and thin compared to his home country. Man, I’d love to go there! And then I got to talk to Neo (no, not a nickname, his father gave him his name waaay before the Matrix flicks) from The Dominican Republic. He was supernice, and had a daughter that was the same age as Benjamin. This group of students had an enormous amount of fish and chicken with them to grill. Good apetite in the wild, I suppose.

Benjamin was awesome. He got tired, we walked ten kilometers, but he pulled through (much thanks to the cookies I brought, hah). We got him a primitive fishing rod (that a dog ate, funnily enough), and we picked leaves, and the colours of the autumn… my goodness. I remembered why autumn is my favourite season! It was peaceful, it was something that I needed very much, it was one of those things that will pop up next year when I try to remember what happened during this year.

The only thing this day that bugged me was that I forgot to bring my camera. Oh well, we’ll just gonna have to do it another time!

And then I’ve started reading Snow, Orhan Pamuk‘s uproar of a novel, the one that got him thrown into jail. It seems to be very poetic. And, ehm, do I need to mention it; political?

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