Sartre och kreativitet

För att fortsätta på temat kreativitet, som vi diskuterat ett par gånger redan (1 & 2), postar jag nu ett citat av Jean-Paul Sartre:

One of the chief motives of artistic creation is certainly the need of feeling that we are essential in relationship to the world. If I fix on canvas or in writing a certain aspect of the fields or the sea or a look on someone’s face which I have disclosed, I am concious of having produced them by condencing relationships, by introducing order where there was none, by imposing the unity of mind on the diversity of things. That is, I feel myself essential in relation to my creation. But this time it is the created object which escapes me; I cannot reveal and produce at the same time. The creation becomes inessential in relation to the creative activity. First of all, even if it appears to be finished to others, the created object always seems to us in a state of suspension; we can always change this line, that shade, that word. Thus, it never forces itself. A novice painter asked his teacher, ‘When should I consider my painting finished?’ And the teacher answered, ‘When you can look at it in amazement and say to yourself ”I’m the one who did that!”‘

What is Literature, s. 28

Vad tror ni? Är vår kreativitet ett sätt för oss att känna att vi står i relation till den här världen; att en del av den här världen aldrig kommer att finnas till eller se ut på ett visst sätt om vi själva inte använder vår kreativitet för att få det att bli så?

Några tankar om Sartres tankar?

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