1900-talet definieras bäst av ”1984”

Guardian Books skriver:

Paranoia, propaganda and a state of perpetual war are the defining characteristics of the last century, according to the results of a national survey. Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell‘s dystopic vision of a totalitarian future in which the population is constantly monitored and manipulated, came top of the survey to find the book that best defines the 20th century. […] its ongoing relevance is demonstrated by the extent to which its concepts and terminology – Big Brother, Newspeak, Double Think – have seeped into our language. Even the name of its author has been appropriated as an adjective, Orwellian, which is regularly used today in debates over privacy and state intervention.

Och visst är ju 1900-talet fullt av händelser och krig som inte riktigt kunde beskrivas om inte Orwell fått sitt eget adjektiv. I 1984, Animal farm och sina texter om spanska inbördeskriget fångade han det militära samhällets fasa och förtryck i en litterär form som jag gissar på att kommer att leva länge.

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